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Interior Designer


Senior Project Consultant

Wang Zhixiong, Vitas Design's Team 3 Senior Project Consultant.

Vitas Design's Team 3 Senior Project Consultant

Mr Wang Zhixiong

"In this interior design industry, keep learning and developing to ensure you're always relevant … saying yes to every opportunity that came your way, as well as organised, reliable and honest," shared Wang Zhixiong, Senior Project Consultant of Vitas Design.


A good relationship is integral to every project's success, and understanding the client is vital. Communication should start with listening to the client and understanding them so they feel that you thoroughly grasp what they are trying to achieve before moving on to communicating your thoughts and ideas. Clear communication will help with negotiations during the project as the client will trust your choices are for the benefit of the project. Zhixiong has worked with many of his clients' multiple times, and he truly believes that valuing these relationships and friendships is as important as the projects themselves.


No rule said they couldn't present hard work, excellent and efficient designs with warmth. People like passionate people. It's not only your skills that set you apart but how you service a project from the start till completion.


Zhixiong enjoys chatting with owners about their project requirements. Call him or send him an email to find out how he can work together with you.


Design your home with passion. – Wang Zhixiong

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