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Senior Project Consultant

Eric Seh, Vitas Design's Team 3 Senior Project Consultant.

Vitas Design's Team 3 Senior Project Consultant

Mr Eric Seh

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Meet Eric

Eric Seh is a steel fabricator who also happens to be a furniture specialist. The practical side of his mechanical brain is balanced by a boundless need to create continually, and these dual passions work in harmony rather than the competition when Eric developed an interest in interior design.


Eric shared that the most challenging aspect is the steep learning curve; he learns something new every day. He has become more process-driven, and often these processes are refined by fair old trial and error. Sometimes it feels like he's experiencing setbacks, like trying to manage a tricky installation or a client that is running the process rather than allowing him to lead it. These challenging times have helped set Eric up for future success and allowed Eric to create a smoother client engagement timeline. Eric credits his long-term business partner and suppliers for helping him navigate through these periods of change and growth.


On another note, Eric's daily role involves working with hefty budgets, and emotions can run high when a piece of customised carpentry comes later than scheduled or is damaged in transit. But he thinks his past experience also helps him in terms of recognising a good day vs a bad day; it allows him to know how to put his work into perspective.


Eric enjoys chatting with owners about their project requirements. Call him or send him an email to find out how he can work together with you.


Engineering your dreams with us.  – Eric Seh

Projects by Eric-

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