Interior Designer


Team 3 Senior Design Consultant

Vitas Design's Team 3 Senior Design Consultant

Ms Violet Kang

Creating warm, simple spaces is at the heart of Violet Kang's design approach. In under fourteen years, Violet has already gained a reputation for understated reinvention.


Violet aim to create 'simple, minimalist spaces', prioritising their instincts when it comes to reinventing a space. The result is a design approach that responds respectfully to the existing context of a home's layout, marrying a sense of 'softness' with the modern's linearity at the same time, the importance of client stories and challenging budgets.


She takes inspiration from the everyday. Understanding how people move in a space and how it affects their behaviour is a great way to identify the subtle details that play a massive part in how the client feels about the place.


Violet enjoys chatting with owners about their project requirements. Call her or send her an email to find out how she can work together with you.


Enhance your home... Enhance your life... – Violet Kang

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