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Bishan Street 24


Bishan Street 24 | HDB

Interior Designer:

Wang Zhixiong

Scandinavian minimalism is a design style that allows for some degree of experimentation, making each space feel unique. However, certain design choices are essential to create the iconic hygge feeling. The primary focus is on functionality, which means every furniture piece or decor item should serve a purpose. This approach adds meaning to the space instead of merely occupying it. Despite the emphasis on practicality, Scandinavian minimalism is highly effective at creating comfortable and inviting spaces by combining natural elements with functional design.

Scandinavian minimalism can be incorporated into any room, from the bedroom to the kitchen. The colour palette should be inspired by nature, with soft whites, neutral tan and grey tones, and pastel hues such as sage and blue to keep the space feeling light. Soft, cosy lighting is crucial, and natural sunlight should be used to its full potential by incorporating large windows. Other lighting sources such as lamps, overhead lights, ambience lights, and candles should also be included, with warm lighting options favoured over brighter blue tones.

Keeping things simple, functional, and high-quality is critical in Scandinavian minimalism. Handmade items are often found in this style, and simple, well-built pieces of furniture that can serve more than one purpose are a key part of this aesthetic. Avoiding ornate, showy, or trendy pieces and opting for timeless, well-built options is essential. Additionally, eco-friendliness is another key aspect of Scandinavian minimalism, and choosing environmentally friendly options is highly encouraged.

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