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Normanton Park


Normanton Park | Condo

Interior Designer:

Violet Kang

In the realm of interior design, a recent trend has emerged called 'quiet luxury'. This trend celebrates the art of subtle sophistication and elevates spaces through understated elegance, comfort, and a harmonious connection with nature. A focus on high-quality materials characterises it as thoughtful curation of design elements and a priority on comfort and well-being.

The fundamental principle of this aesthetic is quality over quantity. Those who embrace quiet luxury prioritise quality when deciding on everything from clothing to furniture. This means creating spaces that exude luxury without using loud brand logos or flashy design elements in interior design.

Quiet luxury can be blended with other design styles such as Scandinavian, modern, or Japandi, but the core principles of tranquillity, understated elegance, and comfort must remain intact. The result is a space that evokes a sense of calmness and sophistication through carefully selecting and implementing design elements.

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