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Sharon Ang

Team 3 Senior Project Consultant

Sharon Ang's career trajectory is a testament to the power of saying "yes" to new opportunities. Although she started in the beauty industry, she found her true passion in interior design and has never looked back. Her story is a reminder that taking a leap of faith can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career.

As an interior designer, Sharon's approach is hands-on and proactive. She loves researching and selecting pieces for her projects, creating unique concepts, and handling all the scheduling, pricing, and logistics. Her enthusiasm for her work is contagious, and she's dedicated to delivering distinctive design solutions that meet her clients' unique needs.

Sharon's success is built on her ability to connect with her clients and truly understand their project requirements. Her collaborative approach ensures that every project is tailored to the client's vision and meets their expectations.

So, if you want to make your space stand out with a distinctive design, don't hesitate to contact Sharon Ang!

Sharon Ang
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