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Strathmore Ave


Strathmore Ave | HDB

Interior Designer:

Danny Lee

Wood is a versatile and beloved building material that can add instant warmth and cosiness to any modern space. Whether structurally or decoratively, wood always impresses and creates a lovely, bright, and welcoming atmosphere.

One great example of this is a low-profile built-in entertainment centre that makes gathering around the television more comfortable and adds a stylish touch to the room. The natural light highlights the beauty of the wood grain at the TV feature wall, while the reflective marble flooring catches the light and brings even more warmth into the main living space.

Another smart and functional idea is to convert your household shelter hidden door into a shoe cabinet or a display for your favourite home decor. Why not use it as additional storage space?

And let's remember the importance of having the right lighting in your bedroom. After all, it's the only place in your home where you spend time in complete darkness, brightness, and everything in between. Getting your bedroom lighting design just right is crucial to ensuring a comfortable place to rest your head at night, wake up feeling refreshed each morning, and easily tackle every new day.

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