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Sembawang Crescent


Sembawang Crescent | HDB

Interior Designer:

Danny Lee

Are you tired of the stark white interiors that have dominated our homes in recent years? You'll be happy to know that beige is making a comeback, and it's better than ever! The beige interiors of the past may have felt bland, but today's beige spaces are inviting, full of texture, and feel like a warm hug.

From the palest cream to the deepest shades of brown, beige is a versatile neutral that can work in any living room style. Mix warm shades of beige for a cosy feel, pair beige with other colours, or use beige accents to warm up an all-white space. Beige works well in living rooms because it's soothing, neutral, and can be paired with virtually any colour.

Beige can work with any living room style, whether for a traditional, modern, or contemporary look. Select beige paint, furnishings, and decor with warm, cool, or neutral tones, or mix them up to achieve the look and feel you desire. It's time to embrace the beauty and versatility of beige!

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