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Segar Road


Segar Road | HDB

Interior Designer:

Jared Tng

Modern Scandinavian interior design is a fascinating style that combines simplicity and elegance to create a clean, minimalist aesthetic. This design approach prioritises functionality and practicality while maintaining a sense of natural beauty. The design creates a sense of spaciousness and calm by using clean lines and neutral tones.

One of the most remarkable features of modern Scandinavian interior design is using natural elements and plants as decoration. Incorporating plants into the design adds a burst of colour and has been shown to impact well-being and productivity positively. Using plants is a constructive way to create a space that is visually appealing and beneficial to one's well-being.

When designing a modern Scandinavian living room, keeping the colour scheme light and neutral, with minimal decor to avoid clutter, is important. Using cream walls, floors, and touches of beige and green, along with throw pillows and textiles, can create texture and a sense of warmth. The result is a constructive and inviting space that promotes relaxation and productivity.

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