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Fernvale Road


Fernvale Road | HDB

Interior Designer:

Sharon Ang

Modern contemporary interior design is a chic and elegant style that combines clean lines, sophisticated design elements, and innovative concepts to create an ageless aesthetic. This design approach prioritises simplicity, functionality, and a harmonious balance between modern and traditional design elements.

Neutral hues such as white, beige, grey, and black are used as a foundation to enhance the sense of calmness and create a serene environment. The furniture layout of modern contemporary spaces often features open floor plans, which promote a sense of flow and connectivity between different areas. This layout allows for a seamless transition between spaces while maximising natural light, a modern contemporary design signature element.

Natural light is used through large windows, skylights, and glass walls, creating a bright, airy atmosphere. This style's minimalist furniture and sleek finishes further enhance the aesthetic.

Overall, modern contemporary interior design is a style that celebrates simplicity, balance, and a fresh look. It creates a sense of spaciousness and serenity through clean lines, open spaces, and a neutral colour palette, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a refined and contemporary design.

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