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Wang Zhixiong

Team 3 Senior Project Consultant

Say hello to Wang Zhixiong, a Senior Project Consultant at Vitas Design, who is passionate about interior design and loves to talk about it. Zhixiong believes in continuously learning and developing in the industry to stay relevant and accept all project opportunities. He knows that when it comes to successful project completion, building a good relationship with clients is crucial, and he's got a secret to share. According to Zhixiong, the best way to communicate with clients is to listen to them first, understand their needs and preferences, and then present ideas that resonate with them. This way, the client can trust that the project's choices are in their best interest.

Zhixiong values his relationships with clients just as much as the projects themselves. He believes that passionate people are often more successful in what they do. Whether you want to design a new home or renovate an existing one, Zhixiong can help you create your dream space. He's just a phone call or email away and loves to chat about your project requirements. So, don't be shy; reach out to Zhixiong today. Remember, designing your home with passion is the key to success, and Wang Zhixiong is here to help you achieve that.

Wang Zhixiong
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