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Eric Seh

Team 3 Senior Project Consultant

Meet Eric Seh, a talented steel fabricator and furniture specialist passionate about bringing your interior design dreams to life! Eric is a friendly and approachable professional who loves to create innovative solutions that perfectly meet your needs.

Although Eric's work often involves dealing with complex installations, he always keeps sight of what's most important: you, the client! He understands that customised carpentry projects can sometimes have hiccups along the way, but he draws on his past experience to put things into perspective and keep everything running smoothly.

Eric loves chatting with clients about project requirements and developing personalised solutions that exceed their expectations. So why not call him or email him today to start exploring how he can help you make your interior design dreams a reality?

In short, Eric Seh is an experienced expert and a friendly and approachable professional committed to working with you every step to achieve the perfect result!

Eric Seh
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