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Chestervale Condo


Chestervale Condo | Condo

Interior Designer:

Alvin Kang

Experience the beauty of Scandinavian design in your home by using a neutral colour palette with cool shades of white to create an open and airy feel. Add natural wood decor to bring warmth without darkening the space, and complete the look with a textured rug at the foot of the sofa.

Simplicity is key when choosing artificial lighting. Experiment with simple designs to find the perfect fit for your space. Opt for earthy or light-coloured furniture and complement them with darker-coloured cushions for added texture.

Choose lighter shades of wood, such as pale oak, for flooring to create a timeless look. Be purposeful when selecting decor and use accessories as an extension of furniture. Add aesthetic elements like geometric patterned cushions or meaningful works of art, but remember that in Scandinavian design, less is more.

Incorporate plants to complete the look and bring life to your space. Plants are a prominent element of Scandinavian design, and they can be found all year round in many places. Enjoy the beauty and simplicity of Scandinavian design in your home.

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