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The Minton

Concealed doors are a perfect choice for minimalist, streamlined interiors. Minimal interior design emphasises smoothness, space and functionality.

Hidden doors, like this featured project at The Minton, Vitas designer Danny Lee create clean lines and a beautiful flow. The space looks spacious and a lot more sophisticated than the standard apartment.

Finished off with a concealed door is something that only the property residents will know. If you want to have a hidden little room ( the so-called "man cave," an art studio, or a relaxation area for adults ), a concealed door will be a great choice. Nobody will know about the hidden space and its function unless you disclose it to your guests or family members there.

Let's take a look.

House tour video by Renopedia.

Residential | Condo

Hougang Street 11

The Minton

Designed by Danny Lee

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