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Tampines North Drive 1

How to create the Scandinavian look with white and wood touches for your new home.

Both wooden textures and white colours are pretty straightforward. They are understated and skate the boundary of neutral and soft hues! So what to do to create interest? You can use asymmetry to your advantage! If the balance between these two surfaces is asymmetric, your interior design will automatically look interesting!

Wood is a warm-coloured material. White is an a-coloured hue with soothing qualities. When designing an interior with these 2 materials, you have to know which material to use more than the other. Since warm colours have more visual weight and white has fantastic reflective qualities, you should use wood in moderation! Using a lot of white will make your space seem large, while the wood will add warm accents!

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Tampines North Drive 1

Designed by Nicole Lew

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