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Rivervale Crescent By Kingsen Tan

Brown is a shade suitable for any design style. Pair brown with the navy to give a room a cosy feel, or incorporate it into a design scheme with pale blue and beige for a more subdued look. Regardless of where your design sensibilities lie, brown colour schemes are perfect for boosting a room's style factor.

Neutral brown is an excellent choice for living room décor as it allows you to freshen up the interior after a while by merely replacing colour details. The best combination with the brown wall in your living room is the neutral, light-coloured furniture. These earthy tones will make your interior warm and comfortable.

Try to perk up your morning routine with a home coffee station. Use inspiration from these stylish and highly functional pantry coffee stations to create your at-home java spot. Vitas designer cleverly designed the coffee station outside the work core allowing family members and guests to serve themselves without getting in the way of the chef. This coffee station is located around the corner from the main cooking space; to keep beverage service outside the flow of kitchen traffic.

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Rivervale Crescent

Designed by Kingsen Tan

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