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Miltonia Residences


Miltonia Residences | Condo

Interior Designer:

Glen Tan

Wainscoting is an ancient technique that has come a long way since its inception. Wainscoting was initially used to protect walls in heritage homes from furniture damage and provide an extra layer of insulation. This technique has been transformed into a modern decorative trend that has gained immense popularity among homeowners and interior designers alike. It is a versatile trend that can add a touch of sophistication to any space, be it a minimalist apartment or a coastal cottage. With its refined interpretations and contemporary materials, wainscoting can blend in seamlessly with any design scheme, from country to beachy and everything in between. Wainscoting has become a go-to option for those who want to elevate their home's interior design by adding a decorative element to a pared-back space or highlighting a home's traditional features.

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