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Jurong West Street 61

The art of wainscoting dates back centuries, but that doesn't mean your home can't benefit from a bit of updated wainscoting sophistication.

Perfect for sprucing up walls on the more spartan side, as well as protecting them from undesired scuffing and overall wear & tear, the wainscoting models of today are designed to add some utilitarian elegance to your space.

If you have an empty wall that you'd like to accent or you have an entire room that you'd like to make as formal as possible, floor-to-ceiling wainscoting can be a great idea that makes a huge difference. While it may seem like an overwhelming undertaking, the result is entirely worth it.

Traditionally, wainscoting (typically pronounced as Wayne' s-Coating) is made from solid wood panels. But these days, there is so much more variety of materials. You can get it in plastic, plywood or medium fiberboard (MDF).

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Jurong West Street 61

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