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The addition of luxe metallic textures and finishes is not something new in interior design. But the vast difference is the choice of metallic finish in this year's design trends – a little less copper and rose gold and more brass. Brass is one of the most sophisticated shiny tones. It is a texture that grows when used the right way; brass furniture pieces, mirrors, and accessories help add a luxurious touch to any room.

Having too much metallic sheen can be slightly too kitsch sometimes. Balance the glare with marble to add an easy-to-look-at vibe to the space. You can go for a marble-inspired countertop or coffee table or even a faux marble texture on accessories or paintings to pair with your metallic pieces. Marble is best combined with brass, copper and gold.

Quirky metallic vases are perfect to subtly add some shine to your home interiors without looking too overwhelming. Play around with textures and shapes to give a unique spin to your décor arrangements. Combine these glossy items with solid matte black ones to balance the two contrasting textures.

If you're looking for a 'wow' factor to luxe up your living room, try opting for a metallic mirror on the wall for a change. Either way, balance the theatrics with simplistic furniture pieces and solid-coloured walls.

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Pasir Ris Grove


Designed by Violet Kang

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