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Bukit Batok Street 41

Scandinavian design belongs to the school of modernism which is a design movement characterised by a focus on functionalism, simplicity, clean lines and restrained elegance.

There's a particular colour palette that's associated with Scandinavian decor, and this includes the hues of greys, whites, beiges, blacks and pastel colours. So when decorating a Scandinavian living room, focus on the use of these neutral colours to create a clean and soothing effect to your Scandinavian home design. Our Vitas designers have also suggested adding pops of colours, such as fuchsia, tiffany blue and sea greens. In typical Scandinavian home decor, walls are often painted white for the furniture and decorative pieces to stand out.

Another essential characteristic of Scandinavian interior design is in making sure that the space is clutter-free. Unnecessary clutter should, therefore, be avoided, and storage spaces must be smartly organised. When it comes to Scandinavian decor, the "less is more" mantra must be followed to keep the area looking less cluttered and more visually relaxing.

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Bukit Batok Street 41

Designed by Alvin Kang

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