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Bukit Batok Street 22

If you have decided on the design theme Neutral Luxe, you should embrace quality materials that feel striking and impressive. After all, we'll finally have friends over again; we want our interiors to look chic and stunning.

This design theme encourages you to explore new tones, a little muddier but still subdued. It's a rather luxurious and detail-packed look but not in an over-the-top way, so move away from those brass accents.

Neutral luxe is a luxurious look; because the colours and patterns are minimal, individual pieces with shapes bring interest. Lastly, comfort is key. The furniture is plush and inviting, and the rugs are thick and soft underfoot. It's the coming together of comfy and cosy but still minimal and refined.

Residential | HDB

Bukit Btaok Street 22

Designed by Nicole Lew

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