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Boon Keng Road

In recent years, dark grey has become a super popular shade, prized for its versatility, richness of tone and grown-up gorgeousness. But, as with so many deep colours, it needs sensitive handling to shine. Teaming dark grey with white and black brings a strongly Scandi feel to any space, but partnering it with wood can take it in a new direction.

Wood warms up grey and strips it off any austerity, and, depending on where and how you weave in the wood, it can either melt into the grey or contrast crisply against it. This beautiful space at Boon Keng Road, tastefully designed by Vitas's project manager, Alvin Kang, uses a combination of the two excitingly.

Creating an entirely grey room is not for the faint-hearted, but this striking bedroom demonstrates just how gorgeous it can look. Of course, the key is to break up the grey-out with some stylish wood.

Residential | HDB

Boon Keng Road

Designed by Alvin Kang

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