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Bidadari Park Drive by Sharon Ang

Maximalists can have their jungalow homes, but minimalists will always stay true to their love for a clean and sleek look sans the clutter. However, simplicity can be quite a bore, so what better way to amp up the glam than by adding the marble's luxurious lustre? It's our fave way of giving minimalist homes some personality along with a luxe look that transcends all trends.

This trend isn't going away anytime soon: we've seen it on everything from handphone cases and notebooks to countertops and walls. The classic white marble with subtly veined Carrara defies time and will continue to stay in trend even when the jungalow vibes seem a little too much. But making waves all over Instagram and Pinterest right now is darker-hued marble in grey and black — and if you're game for it, amp up the glam with differently hued and intricately veined marbles that are making the rounds. Accompanied by the juxtaposition of wood and metals like gold and copper to balance it all out, you'll be living lush in luxe. Check this apartment out and get inspired.

Residential | HDB

Bidadari Park Drive

Designed by Sharon Ang

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