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Bidadari Park Drive by Alvin Kang

It’s a refreshing feeling to step into a warm living room filled with light. The bright and well-lit interior creates a great combination of calm and lively decor. The peacefulness doesn’t take anything away from the cheerfulness of the space. White is the obvious choice for such an interior, but that makes it a very predictable affair. If you wish for something with a little more character, beige is the tone you’ll discover happiness.

You can have a lot of variety within a neutral living room. Choose your furniture pieces in a way that makes each of them a little different, be it by colour, shade or design! The sofa, armchair and ottoman are all a different hue of beige, making the room beautifully diverse.

One of the most incredible things about a beige living room is how well it plays with the daylight! It doesn’t reflect it as much as a white room, and it appears much cosier while remaining very bright! Check out this fantastic and elegant beige living room for more inspiration.

Residential | HDB

Bidadari Park Drive

Designed by Alvin Kang

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