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Jason Ng, Vitas Design's Founder & Director.

Vitas Design founder & director

Mr Jason Ng

Driven by a philosophy to produce unique, authentic and timeless designs that adapt holistically to their clients’ lifestyle needs,

one firm stood out from the crowd in the competitive business. Founded in 2013, Vitas Design is a multidisciplinary interior and

exterior design practice that specialises in residential, commercial and institutional projects. Built on the idea that high-level

interior design should be accessible to everyone regardless of budget, Vitas set out on a mission to create highly personalised

spaces that reflect the harmonious blend between style, function and balance.


“The world changes every second, every minute. As such, adaptability is important,” said Vitas Design founder and director,

Jason Ng. “There is always room for improvement in the creative business.”


As the pioneer of innovative interior design in the region, the Vitas team consists of a talented group of individuals who

are passionate about their craft and dedicated to the company’s mantra of creating unique spaces that redefine the

boundaries of design through hyper-personalisation. At Vitas Design, every journey is one of the new beginnings – and the

team is committed to delivering customised solutions that are tailored specifically to their clients’ needs and preferences.



The Vitas Style

There is no request too big or too small when it comes to visualising your dream space with Vitas. From the versatile aesthetics

of mid-century modern styles to the raw, edgy look of utilitarian industrial concepts, the possibilities only limited by one’s

vibrant imagination. As an interior design studio with a reputation for creating inspiring projects that exceed customer

expectations, Vitas believes that great design can only come from collaborative works that embrace the unique charms of their


With the proven capability to deliver high standards of customisation that encompass top-notch craft and next-level

innovation, homeowners can expect quality work at every stage from the start through completion when you work with a Vitas

professional. Those who seek to break away from cookie-cut solutions offered by generic lookbooks will easily find comfort in

the versatility and confidence that comes with every Vitas project.

Beyond unique outlooks that set your dream space apart from everyone else’s, Vitas designers will always walk the extra mile to

ensure these individualised designs enhance your way of life in their subtle forms. For them, residential interior design is

more than just creating a beautiful space to impress your guests and loved ones. Instead, it visualises an area where you can feel

relaxed, comfortable, organised and at peace all day long – a space that is 100% you.


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CaseTrust Accredited Renovation Business CT/4828

HDB Registered Renovation Contractor HB-10-5204D

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